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Handcrafted Shutters

An empty window is like an unfinished work of art. Resembling a blank canvas waiting to embrace paintbrush strokes, there is something about windows that invite one to dress them up and design them. Functionality can only go so far without visual appeal and science demands for us to operate well when our eyes are inspired.  

There is a reason why several homeowners prefer to utilize window shutters. Long before shades and blinds reigned on the window treatment world, interior shutters were the absolute treasure. There was an era when a glass was merely unaffordable, and homes and peep portals were wide open to different kinds of elements. To prevent debris, dirt, bugs, and outside rainwater from entering one’s abode, people used shutters as an aesthetic and functional shield. Even then, some extravagant civilians who could afford glass still employed shutters, not only for its many other uses but merely to protect their glass windows as well. After all, the glass didn’t come cheap.

Fast forward to today, they continue to dominate homes, offices, and schools, and remain such a stunning crowd-pleaser to many designers and home occupants. They’re stylish and sleek and look professional.

Custom Shutters

More flexible than curtains and shades, plantation shutters permit you to filtrate sunlight at precisely the standard you deem best for your space. The challenge now is for you to find what kind of voice you’d like for your room. When selecting a style, carefully consider the mood you want to set before choosing your window fashions. Because Texas is a beautiful place that’s rich in culture and diverse history, it’s easy to play around with styles you might like. Are you looking at Victorian Architecture? Mid-century engineering? Or do you want to go green and head the sustainability route with your home’s overall look? Shutters look great on all of them.

Without a doubt, shutters are versatile. And as established, they allow you to control the light entering the room. As a result, shutters transform your living space from a quiet retreat into an inviting gathering place also meant for family and friends. Custom shutters not only enrich the design of your home, but they also elevate your theme and present a firm, permanent, gutsy look. As if resembling a castle or a classic American house from the 90’s, shutters transport you to a special place. They also increase the value of your home. The energy-efficient design they come with helps to reduce home heating and cooling cost. Interior window shutters don’t have to be ambiguous and enigmatic. They call for simplicity, too.

Over here at Houston Window Coverings, we make personalized Basswood or Poly Shutters for all sorts of homes and designs. Our Custom Bass Wood Shutters and Custom Poly Shutters come in 2 1/2″,3 1/2″ and 4 1/2″ Louvers.

If you’re looking for a Houston shutters company, look no further. Houston Window Coverings has provided Custom Shutters, Blinds, and Roller Shades to the Houston market since 2000; serving Houston, Cypress, Sugarland, Katy, Springs, Tomball, The Woodlands, and all surrounding areas.



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