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Motorized Screen Shades

In a world where houses can now be internet-controlled, technology continues to surprise us by the day.  It’s difficult to stack the perks of having the best motorized window screen shades Houston has to offer in your very home, but if there were only one benefit to band together all those who make use of motorized shades, it would have to be the power of control from a distance. This advancement is the strength within your fingertips.

Thriving times have taught us that the progress in home automation has become even more inventive and visceral. Robots are now a legitimate thing, and you can already buy one to have it clean, wash, and aid you with your everyday routines. Dishwashers also gladly rid your kitchenware of grease and oil, while your thermostat continues to keep your house at your preferred warmth. That said, shouldn’t your window treatments join the bandwagon on the home automation party, too?

Lucky for you, they’ve entered the party and they’re here not just to stay, but to conquer as well. If you’re a Texan, there are plenty of architectural designs in the area to draw inspiration from. The most stylish window coverings Houston has to offer shouldn’t be a mystery.  Texas has become so diverse; art is all around you. If you look intently, window coverings in Houston are everywhere.

The Best Outdoor Shades Houston Has To Offer

Houston Window Coverings is proud to introduce to you the latest in mechanical screen technology by Progressive Screens. Introducing MagnaTrack, the only motorized screen that can provide utterly hassle-free operation – guaranteed! The MagnaTrack uses a cutting-edge patented system that uses specially designed magnets internally secured within the tracks to allow free-floating during deployment. The same technology also keeps constant tension on the screen, making sure everything is secure and controllable.

That said, we have many motorized screening solutions for patios, garages, windows, lanals, gazebos, picture windows, outside-eating areas, carports, entryways, and so much more.  This system can span up to 30′ wide and 24′ tall making this product ideal for both residential and commercial spaces.

Motorized screens come into sight at the tap of a button and vanish when need them no more. Suitable for indoor and outdoor living areas, these personalized and expert-installed screens offer you privacy, fresh air, shade from direct sunlight, temperature control, and even protection from bugs.

Houston Window Coverings have everything from insect screens to blackout screens. Our interior solutions for you are endless. Want a Mediterranean-themed poolside? Or a Tuscan-styled garden area? Or a rustic-vibed living room? What about an Italian grape yard? We can make it work. We have an array of options and colors for you to choose from so you never run out, whatever your concepts may be.  

If you have an assortment of window treatment ideas, don’t be afraid to talk to us about them and we’ll help you out.

If you’re one who’s had to google, Houston Window Treatments, worry no more. The best window treatment Company around is Houston Window Coverings.



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