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Houston Blinds

Custom Window Blinds in Houston, TX

Now and then certain trends come and go, but one design component seems to have established a mark in the world of home interiors: wooden blinds. If you’re currently on the lookout for the best blind companies in Houston, you’ve found it. We can help you with all your Houston blinds concerns relating to everything wooden blinds.

If you look around, Houston blinds are a staple. They’re a classic window fixture. If you intend for your window coverings to blend in effortlessly with surrounding architecture, these kinds of blinds are the way to go. They help bring together a confluence of different mini-styles into one cohesive theme.

Types of Wooden Blinds

Country Woods – Because they were meant to be natural solid wood, Country Woods Blinds are the finest quality wood blinds available in the market today. Furthermore, Country Woods blinds come in four slat sizes: 1″, 1 3/8″, 2″ and 2 5/8″. They’re also available in a striking range of wood species and finishes. That said, they can be rustic to the elegance of beautiful furniture.

Everwood Collection – Probably the most practical and affordable price in all of the wood assortment is the Everwood Collection. Hence, these alternative wood blinds won’t fade, turn yellow, warp or cave in heat and humid conditions under direct sunlight. Plus they are not difficult to care for and clean. Everwood Collection blinds come in classic 2″ slats and elegant 2 1/2″ beveled slats.

Faux Wood Blinds – A great inexpensive product for any home, this PVC product is excellent for adjusting the warmth and coolness to the temperature of your choice. Whether used for offices or your home, faux wood blinds are an elegant addition to any space and setting. We have crown valances and slats that come in an array of options: 2 inches, 2 ½ inches, and 3 inches.  They’re also available in a variety of colors to suit all of your likings. What’s more, our faux wood blinds are routless to guarantee utmost privacy.

Wood Blinds – A staple in the sophisticated, rustic interior concept, our wood blinds come in an array of stains and colors perfect for any theme, style, and intent. They come in 2 inch and 2 ½ inch slats.

Modern Precious Metals – aluminum blinds set the standard for light control and add that hip, inventive, and minimalist look. Because they come in 1″ and 2″ slats, imagine how precisely you can manage the amount of light entering a room. These Blinds have exciting finishes and textures from metallic and pearlescent to linen and matte. Our modern precious metals are the perfect fit for rooms that aim to achieve a contemporary, present-day feel.

While there are a lot of Houston window blinds companies around the area, we pride ourselves with more than a decade of creative, professional, and practical service. We have been proudly serving Houston, Katy, The Woodlands, and all other surrounding areas for over 18 years now. If you have additional questions and/or concepts, you’d like to go over with us, give us a call!



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